Virtual Programs

In this tech-driven world its easy for us to feel a sense of disconnection. A great way to become a part of a growing Virtual (Online) Community is by enrolling in one of these great, ongoing programs.  The best part is, while the course are Virtual, the connections are very Real.

The Empowerment Course

To live a life rooted in Empowerment means to live with a heightened sense of self-love, self-determination and a willingness to present yourself to the world, as you are; imperfections and all.  Learning ways to release shame and embrace your power is a helpful way to get you on track to living the life you desire.  

The Empowerment Course is a 4-week program where each participant gets to join an intimate virtual group, participate in partner-projects, cultivate accountability, receive a daily mindful living guide and a weekly call.


12 Days of Yoga is a step-by-step virtual program to get you started on a heart-centered, physical Yoga practice from the comfort of your home.  Each day you'll receive a new pose with full-color photos, health benefits and meditative thoughts to pair with the posture of the day. 

Photo Credit Darryl Edwards of DE2 Images

Photo Credit Darryl Edwards of DE2 Images

Intention, Affirmation & Inspiration

We are inundated with all sorts of programming every moment of every day.  From the commercials on TV, to the songs on the radio or the images we see in print.  Many of them telling us how inadequate we are.  The Intention, Affirmation & Inspiration programs includesDaily emails with simple, yet powerful affirmations, writing prompts and other activities to set the tone for your day.

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